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Don't Be Blind to Your Customer Data

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Your first-party data might be missing vital information...

If you're a data-driven restaurateur who's trying to drive more insights and growth from your customer data, you can't risk to have mistakes!

At Brightloom, we've been helping brands for years to get the most out of their data, but overtime, we realized that most brands suffer from the same 3 issues:

1.  Lack of contact information for their customers
2.  Inability to tie transactions back to a customer record
3.  Missing or duplicated data

If you suspect that any of these might be true for your brand - we're offering a full analysis of your data for free.

We'll help you understand:

  • The overall robustness and health of your customer data
  • Major red flags around how your data is being recorded
  • Opportunities to enrich your existing customer data through some simple campaigns (+ what this data can enable you to do in the future)

If it sounds like a lot of work - it's not. We have everything from simple integrations to a dedicated data onboarding team that allows you to sit back and let us handle all the work.